Property Xpress is Launching a New Service Dedicated to Real Estate Professionals

July 29, 2010, 13:04 (PX Newswire)

Property Xpress, as a platform dedicated to real estate professionals, is now launching a new service: PX Newswire.

PX Newswire will allow market players to announce important information about their company, projects, investments, etc plus photo or company logo in every article. The service may turn out to be the right stage for this as:

- The Property Xpress subscribers’ base includes senior staff at well-known companies interested in the regions of Southeast Europe, Ukraine and Russia.

- Publishing a news article in the PX Newswire section guarantees reaching the Property Xpress newsletter subscribers, including editors of all major international and local media.

- The articles, included in PX Newswire, are published in Google News, and are thus accessible to a large audience all over the world.

- As a specialized information source on the latest real estate and retail market developments, Property Xpress is a worthwhile ‘plot’ to place a link to a real estate related website.

PX Newswire is free of charge to all Property Xpress annual subscribers. For companies that have not yet been subscribed to the service, the service is available for as low as EUR 65 for a single news release or EUR 230 for four per annum.

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